Thank you, RightsCon Toronto!


It is important to us that as the RightsCon family continues to grow, that this gathering reflects the goals, values, and diversity of our community.

Please take a few moments to share your reflections on your experience at RightsCon 2018, to help inform the future of RightsCon as the platform for the fight to defend human rights in the digital age. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us as we begin to plan for RightsCon 2019, and to support this community throughout the year.

Note: All responses will be kept anonymous and confidential. All questions are optional. You can also email us at [email protected]

  • Outcomes can include launching or advancing a project, campaign, or policy goal forward. Or it could be about a great connection made with another person or organization.
  • Programming

  • Were program sessions provocative, timely, relevant, and diverse?
  • Did you follow a track or follow the calendar? Did you use the online scheduling platform, Sched?
  • Would you prefer more networking time? Did you like the parallel tracks? Would you like to see more large plenary-type sessions? Use this section to tell us about what you liked and what you didn't.
  • Production

  • This would include aspects like the staging, venue, materials, registration process, etc.
  • Community