Share your #BestOfRightsCon Toronto highlights!


With over 2,000 people gathered at RightsCon Toronto to focus on finding real solutions for defending human rights in the digital age, we want to give the community an opportunity to share your key successes, achievements, lightbulb moments, and major steps forward. These contributions will help us to celebrate the work we've done here together to shape a better future. They will also help to inform the Official RightsCon 2018 Outcomes Document, which will be shared with following the event. Here's how you can contribute:

1. Upload a short video using the form below.

2. Tweet your favorite highlights from the event to @RightsCon, and be sure to include #BestOfRightsCon in your post.

3. Submit a written description of a key outcome using the form below. (Feel free to submit as many times as you like!)

  • How has RightsCon helped you move forward in the fight to defend human rights in the digital age? Upload your response video here:

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    Send us a 30-90 second video capturing your description of your favorite moment(s) at RightsCon Toronto. TIPS FOR SUCCESS: Try to find a place to record yourself where you can limit background noise. // Speak slowly and clearly into your camera's microphone. // If you are recording the video on your phone, please be sure to hold it horizontally. // Introduce yourself! // You can also visit the Welcome Desk in the Access Now Lounge to ask a member of our team to assist you in recording your video.
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  • KEY OUTCOMES: Has this session or discussion advanced a particular issue, campaign, policy, or idea? Tell us about it! What happened in the session or meeting? Where did the discussion go? How will this interaction lead to forward progress in the fight to defend human rights in the digital age?
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