RightsCon Southeast Asia
Salamat! Thank you to all who attended RightsCon Southeast Asia in Manila! To revisit the program, which includes content and participant details of each session, click here. You can also download a pdf. More importantly, don’t forget to check out the Outcomes Report, which details the continuing work of the conference.

More than 650 people attended RightsCon Southeaset from over 40 countries from around the world. The program was jam-packed agenda had around 125 discreet workshops, lightning talks, demos, panels and more, and represented the joint contributions of over 300 institutions and 250 individual speakers. Check out the highlights below!


Check out all the videos, liveblogs, and photos so that you can share in the experience of RightsCon Southeast Asia.

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Photo Credit - Aj Molina

Photo Credit - Aj Molina

Photo Credit - Aj Molina

Photo Credit - Kiri Delena

Photo Credit - Mon Paet

Photo Credit - Mon Paet



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Advisory and Programming Committees

Access enlists an a multi-stakeholder Programming Committee of leading internet and human rights experts to help us build the best possible conference programs. These Committees are composed of members of civil society, private sector, government officials, journalists, and other leaders in the field.

To ensure that RightsCon Southeast Asia was relevant to the incredibly dynamic region, an Advisory Board was also recruited composed of regional leaders.

Advisory Committee


Access would like to thank the below institutions for their remarkable contributions to RightsCon Southeast Asia.

The Manila Principles on Intermediary Liability (March 22-23)
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Screening: Citizenfour, Introduction + Q&A with Jacob Appelbaum

Hosted by: Access, Amnesty International, with special guest Jacob Appelbaum