Welcome to RightsCon Silicon Valley
March 30 — April 1, 2016

RightsCon is the world's leading conference convened on the issues at the intersection of internet and human rights. The event brings together visionaries, technologists, business leaders, activists, and government representatives from around the world to build strategies, highlight emerging voices, and showcase new technologies & initiatives in pursuit of tomorrow’s internet.

2016 will see a bigger, brighter, and better RightsCon, more dynamic and outcome-oriented than ever before. There, participants will tackle prominent and emerging issues in the digital sector such as encryption and cybersecurity, intermediary liability and data center location, transparency reporting and best practices on user trust, the growing internet of things, complex compliance and regulatory environments, and more:

150 breakout sessions featuring the world's leading companies, investors, and technologists

Private roundtables and closed-door bilateral meetings to encourage cross-stakeholder engagement and collaboration

Satellite events like Crypto Summit 2.0, the second event in a series hosted by Access Now on encryption and the future of cybersecurity

The Demo Room to showcase the latest technologies & initiatives through lightning talks, workshops, and live demonstration

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Past Speakers

The RightsCon Summit Series engages stakeholders from all sectors of the tech/policy arena. Below are a sample of the speakers from previous conferences.


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Photo Credit - Aj Molina

Photo Credit - Aj Molina

Photo Credit - Aj Molina

Photo Credit - Kiri Delena

Photo Credit - Mon Paet

Photo Credit - Mon Paet

Satellite Events

To complement official programming, Access Now partners with various organizations to host Satellite Events before and after RightsCon. Below is a sample of previous years. Have an idea for a Satellite Event? Tell us about it! Have an idea for a Satellite Event? Tell us about it!