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Goodbye, San Francisco:
Hello, Southeast Asia!

RightsCon Silicon Valley 2014 was an incredible mixture of over 700 attendees from more than 65 countries and 375 institutions. This incredible union of expertise has led to real outcomes, many of which are viewable here or as a PDF report here. A special thanks to all our speakers and sponsors who made 2014 so smart and productive.

The RightsCon conference series has become the premiere event for open dialogue between the key global stakeholders invested in strengthening the internet for free expression and innovation and maintaining and preserving a free and open internet. From Silicon Valley (March 2014) to South East Asia (March 2015) and biannually back to Silicon Valley for March 2016, the RightsCon series provides a unique civil society ‘owned’ event.

Missed a session in San Francisco? Many of the videos are available for viewing. To learn more about past RightsCon conferences, head here. Even as we continue to work diligently on the the work generated from RightsCon Silicon Valley 2014, we are looking ahead to 2015 and Southeast Asia, where we will convene civil society and key decision-makers in this rapidly evolving region. Head here to learn more about the planning for RCSEA2015, or click below to register interest.


RightsCon: Silicon Valley 2014 was an incredible gathering of human rights experts, corporate leaders, front-line activists, and investors from more than 65 countries. Participants developed strategies and partnerships, surfaced new thinking, highlighted corporate and government leaders and laggards, launched new apps, demoed new technologies, and had more parallel meetings than a confab in Geneva.

We’ve captured and summarized some of the many outcomes, but we’re sure we missed a few: please drop us a note at info [at] accessnow [dot] org if you’ve got something to add!

View Full List of RightsCon Silicon Valley 2014 Outcomes


Below is a sample of some of the many speakers present at RightsCon 2014.


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