RightsCon Toronto Program

21 Tracks | 3 Full Days | 250+ Sessions | 2,000+ Participants

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Revisit the RightsCon Brussels Program

Want to take a look at the 250+ groundbreaking sessions from this year's RightsCon? Our official program was designed to address current and emerging issues, such as algorithmic accountability, privacy and data protection, encryption and cybersecurity, transnational trade agreements, the internet of things, the state of global journalism, transparency reporting, smart cities and their impact on society, countering violent extremism and hate speech online, complex compliance and regulatory environments, government hacking, and more.

Find the online program to see speaker and session informationCheck out the RightsCon Brussels 2017 Official Program (PDF) Check out the public list of participants that attended RightsCon Brussels

This year’s Program Tracks were:

Algorithmic Accountability and Transparency: Shining a light in the black boxBorders and Boundaries: Jurisdiction, sovereignty, and legal landscapes Empowering At-Risk Communities: LGBTQ, children, refugees, and gender The Truth is out there: Fake news and grappling with a “post-truth” narrative Health, Environment, Land, and Labor: The digitization of our world Show and Tell: Skills building and knowledge seminars Stop the Hate: Countering violent extremism; responding to hate speech Freedom of Expression: WTF now? The #KeepitOn Summit: Fighting shutdowns and network disruptions Neutral Networks and Maximum Connectivity: Ratings, openness and the non-discrimination of the internetTech, Democracy, and Digital Inclusion: An internet for all? Global Journalism: Bloggers, encryption, and media development Privacy and Data Protection: New rules and practice for a data planet The Frontier of Tech: Smart Cities, Biometrics, and the internet of everything Trade Agreements and Ownership: Copyright, Liability and Trade Wars States in Cyberspace: Government hacking, mass surveillance, and citizen rightsLooking after the internet: Governance, institutions, and internet measurementDigital security and encryption: Protecting us, our content, and our networks Digital Rights: Past, global, futureBusiness and Human Rights: Transparency, accountability, and remedyThe Demo Room: A mosaic of tech demos, talks, workshops and tools

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