RightsCon brings together governments, companies, lawyers, technologists, and civil society groups to address the most urgent issues at the intersection of human rights and technology. RightsCon sponsors have a unique opportunity to directly support the global movement that is RightsCon, and help build a rights-respecting digital future.

A global digital rights movement

For more than a decade, we have welcomed tens of thousands of participants from more than 160 countries, mobilizing and supporting an entire generation of human rights defenders. 

A roundtable of discussions

A timely and responsive program

Our annual Call for Proposals, the backbone of our summit, identifies the most urgent issues at the intersection of human rights and technology, allowing us to cultivate a global, expansive program.

seventeen Tech Ambassadors during RightsCon

The development of global human rights standards 

The impact of our program is felt long after our Closing Ceremony, with RightsCon providing the space for tangible outcomes, including declarations and coalition launches.

A session on a stage in Costa Rica with 4 people sitting and talking

A trusted space for cross sector coordination

RightsCon is the platform that brings together business leaders, policy makers, activists and technologists to advance real-world solutions amidst the growing uncertainty and coinciding crises around the world.

Reducing barriers to participation

Whether through waived ticket fees for 90% of participants, a holistic Community Support Fund, or a streamlined visa support process, RightsCon reduces logistical and financial burdens to ensure all perspectives are present. 

A hybrid session at RightsCon with two people in a room and a TV monitor with other people participating

A sustainable, accessible hybrid model of convening

By transitioning to a hybrid model and implementing a sustainability commitment, RightsCon is recognizing technology’s role in the climate crisis and paving the way to a more inclusive, responsible event model.


“It’s a highly collaborative community. I know a lot of collaborations, funding relationships, new project ideas that have come from RightsCon and I think in part this is because with every submission, there is a question around ‘what is the goal of this session?’ ‘what is the follow-up of this session/ what are you hoping to accomplish?’ and this encourages people to think beyond the 10-minutes of their lightening topic and towards next steps”


“It has constantly pushed us the extra mile to work on our advocacy programs or documentation of our implemented programs and also plan for great communication tools to share our research and experiences effectively.”

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