Photo Credit: Aj Molina

Photo Credit: Aj Molina

Photo Credit: Aj Molina

Photo Credit: Aj Molina

Thank you Southeast Asia!
Next stop: Silicon valley

Thank you to all who joined us in Manila for RightsCon Southeast Asia! This sold out event brought together more than 600 attendees from over 50 countries, all of whom are committed to extending the digital rights of users around the world, and fighting for the open internet.

A special thanks to our sponsors and co-hosts, EngageMedia and Foundation for Media Alternatives.

Couldn't attend, or miss a session? Check out posts, pics, and videos from the event at

See you all in 2016 in Silicon Valley!


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That is a wrap folks! Thank you to our partners at Engage Media and our wonderful local hosts, Foundation for Media Alternatives! See you next year in Silicon Valley, March 28-30!

Big thank you to all our sponsors who made RightsCon Southeast Asia possible!

Many awesome things came out of this conference. Want to submit an #outcome? Email conference [at]!

Catch a glimpse of conference highlights, including photos and memorable moments, at!


RightsCon invited stakeholders from all sectors to participate. Below is a sample of the speakers who came to RightsCon Southeast Asia.

Want to see more? You can find a complete list of RightsCon Southeast Asia speakers along with detailed biographies on the speakers page.


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In 2014, Access, in coordination with Benetech, hosted “The Demo Room,” which featured a bevy of lightning talks, tech demos, and workshops. During the sometimes raucous - but never boring - three days, presenters from all over the world worked on issues as varied as the ironic t-shirts in the room: we demoed secure mailing platforms and hunted down in/security bugs; cajoled ‘frenemies’ of the state and played with mesh networks.

We’re delighted to have again partnered with Benetech in Manila for RightsCon Southeast Asia. Learn more here.


Access, along with EngageMedia and local partner Foundation for Media Alternatives, was excited to bring the fourth installment of RightsCon to Manila, March 24-25! To compliment the official conference programming, we partnered with various organizations to host Satellite Events before or after the conference.

The Manila Principles on Intermediary Liability (March 22-23)
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Screening: Citizenfour, Introduction + Q&A with Jacob Appelbaum

Hosted by: Access, Amnesty International, with special guest Jacob Appelbaum

March 23, 7:00pm, Crowne Plaza Jade Room*

In Citizenfour, film maker Laura Poitras documents the circumstances surrounding the release of the Edward Snowden documents, which brought to light the depth of US National Security Agency and other intelligence agency spying.

Access and Amnesty International held a special screening of Academy Award winning documentary, with special introduction and Q&A with journalist and security expert Jacob Appelbaum, who is featured in the film.

*The film was screened for registered RightsCon participants thanks to the gracious assistance of the producers and Praxis Production company.

Responsible Data Forum: Human Rights Documentation
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Workshop on Guidelines for Documenting International Crimes (March 23)

Hosted by: Open Society Justice Initiative, Coalition for the International Criminal Court – Asia Pacific Network

This event workshopped the development of guidelines to assist NGO’s in the documentation of human rights abuses which amount to violations of international criminal law. In particular, these guidelines are intended to assist groups who may be considering using their information in order to obtain accountability through the International Criminal Court (ICC). The discussions brainstormed the guidance-needs for NGO’s involved in fact finding, and identify a collaborative process for co-drafting guidelines with technical experts.

Responsible Data Forum: Human Rights Documentation
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Responsible Data Forum: Human Rights Documentation (March 21-22)

Hosted by: HURIDOCS, Benetech, Amnesty International, CESR, and the engine room

This event brought together practitioners and researchers to explore the ethical, privacy and security challenges posed by the use of data and new technologies in human rights documentation. It was a hands on and collaborative, focused on developing concrete tools and strategies to ensure that documentation efforts do no harm. Issues such as practical de-identification of data, inclusive and participatory use of technology, verification and data standards were considered, and the potential of new technologies for protecting and promoting human rights.

The Manila Principles on Intermediary Liability (March 22-23)
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The Manila Principles on Intermediary Liability (March 22-23)

Hosted by: EFF, Article 19, Centre for Internet and Society - India, KICTANET, ADC, and Derechos Digitales, Open Net Korea

The policies governing liability of intermediaries for content have an impact on user rights including freedom of expression. A lack of consistency across these policies has resulted in censorship and other human rights abuses. To address this, civil society groups from around the world came together to launch the Manila Principles on Intermediary Liability, which will promote the development of more principled national and global liability regimes that can promote users’ rights and innovation.

Philippine Multistakeholder Forum on Internet Rights (March 23)
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Future of #PHInternet: A Multistakeholder Forum on Internet Governance, Human Rights, and Development (March 23)

Main organisers: Foundation for Media Alternatives and Internet Society Philippines

This Forum was a space for stakeholders all over the Philippines – netizens, private sector, government officials, civil society, the tech community, bloggers, academics, journalists, lawyers, activists - to come together and start to build general consensus on what the future of the internet should be, as it approaches the 21st anniversary of #PHInternet.

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