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Learning about creating safe spaces together at RightsCon Toronto

Bringing together more than 2,000 people from over 115 countries, RightsCon is not only a platform to discuss programmatic issues at the intersection of human rights and digital technology, it is also an opportunity to engage in conversations about harassment, abuse, and violence in a process of continued learning and improvement.

In an attempt to facilitate these important conversations at RightsCon Toronto, we are holding three sessions where experts will discuss creating and enforcing a survivor-centric and trauma-informed code of conduct; preventing and identifying harassment and abuse; supporting survivors and creating a safer environment for everyone. Below, we share details on each of these three sessions.

As a community, if we participate in these conversations and learning processes, we can begin to make meaningful contributions to the fight against abuse, harassment, and violence in our workplaces and convenings.

We look forward to sharing these experiences with you, our community.

Sessions at RightsCon

Code of Conduct toolkits and enforcement, with Kendra Albert

When: Wednesday 16th; 12pm – 1.15pm
Where: Room 112

The session will begin with a brief introduction to the fundamental components of a code of conduct and resources that are publicly available. This will be followed by a facilitated group discussion of practical skills related to code of conduct enforcement, including scripts for handling reporting and crisis moments; understanding why people don’t report; and how to address intra-community concerns about enforcement and free speech.

Please note that due to a limited number of spaces, you must sign-up beforehand in order to attend the session. You can RSVP by completing this form or by emailing the speaker at [email protected].

Ally Skills Workshop, with Leigh Honeywell

When: Wednesday 16th; 4pm – 5pm

Where: Room 206B

The Ally Skills Workshop teaches simple, everyday ways for people to use their privilege and influence to support people who are targets of systemic oppression in their workplaces and communities. This includes women of all races, people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQI folks, parents, caregivers of all sorts, and people of different ages.

The workshop will be structured as a brief talk followed by a series of scenarios that are discussed in small groups.

Identifying Abusive Behaviour, with Leigh Honeywell

When: Friday 18th; 12pm – 1.15pm

Where: Room 204A

The session looks at how to build organizations and communities that are resilient to abusive behavior. It covers preventing abuse, detecting patterns of abuse, and how to handle abuse should it occur. The first half will be structured as a talk and the second half will be a Q&A.

We hope you join us!

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