Arturo J. Carrillo

Arturo J. Carrillo is Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the International Human Rights Clinic at The George Washington University Law School. Professor Carrillo co-directs GW Law School’s Global Internet Freedom and Human Rights Project, and sits on the Board of the Global Network Initiative as an academic representative (alternate). Before joining the faculty at GW in 2003, Professor Carrillo served as the acting director of the Human Rights Clinic at Columbia Law School, where he was also Lecturer in Law and the Henkin Senior Fellow with Columbia’s Human Rights Institute. Prior to entering the academy, he worked as a legal advisor on human rights for the United Nations, as well as for prominent non-governmental organizations in his native Colombia. 

Professor Carrillo’s current research, writing and advocacy revolve around the intersection of ICTs and human rights, focusing on the promotion and defense of Internet freedom principles worldwide. He is in the process of publishing a new article that examines zero rating and net neutrality through the lens of international human rights law.

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