Nushin Sarkarati

Nushin Sarkarati, Senior Staff Attorney, is a U.S. lawyer based in San Francisco, California. Ms. Sarkarati represents victims and survivors of mass atrocities and severe human rights abuses in U.S. courts and before international and regional bodies. Her work is focused on survivor-centered investigation and litigation, and she partners directly with survivor communities to achieve justice and redress against perpetrators responsible for violations of international law.

Ms. Sarkarati litigates impact cases on behalf of survivors of torture and other severe human rights abuses from Cambodia, Somalia, and Latin America. She has presented testimony and other substantive evidence resulting in favorable trial verdicts: against two senior leaders of the Khmer Rouge regime before the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia; and in U.S. federal court on behalf of a Somali constitutional law professor who was brutally tortured for his political beliefs.

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