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Rue Gineste 3, Brussels - 1210, Belgium

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RightsCon Brussels

Wednesday, March 29 - Friday, March 31, 2017

RightsCon Summit Series

RightsCon is the world’s leading event on the future of the internet. The annual conference convenes business leaders, visionaries, technologists, legal experts, civil society members, activists, and government representatives from across the globe on issues at the intersection of tech and human rights. Attend RightsCon Brussels byregistering here!

Our program

RightsCon has three full days of community-led programming, plus a day of pre-meetings and satellite events (Day Zero), tackling today's most challenging business and policy issues. For more information on our session themes and how to become part of the program, see ourcall for proposals.You can also find our 2016 program schedulehere,and watch all recorded sessionsonline.

Connecting across sectors

RightsCon Brussels will be home to more than 150 sessions, meetings, and workshops, with more than 1,000 participants from across industry lines. You'll get unparalleled opportunities to engage with leading speakers and organizations, both in sessions and through private meetings and discussions. It's also home to an array of parties, movie screenings, and social events that connect all the experts in digital rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets are available for purchase righthere!

For those of you that will be traveling internationally to get to RightsCon Brussels, please familiarize yourself with ourTravel and Visa Information document. It outlines steps on how to get to the conference, as well as important information on visa requirements for travelers.Should you require a personalized invitation letter to RightsCon for visa purposes, pleasefill out this visa letter information formand we will send you the corresponding letter.

As RightsCon Brussels is being held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, we've negotiated special room rates for RightsCon participants! To make a reservation, please see the reservation portal here.

Access Now is committed to making RightsCon Brussels 2017 accessible and open to all, which means we are doing our best to make the conference affordable for participants and speakers from all over the world.

Due to the nature of this conference, in which a high proportion of the people attending are participating, we are asking that those speakers with the means to do so pay for all or a portion of their tickets. If your session has been accepted, or you are accepted as a speaker in a session, please email us atconference [at] accessnow.orgwith the name of your session and let us know your financial circumstances, so we can share an appropriate discount code with you.

If you are a speaker or a session organizer representing a company, a funding institution/foundation, government, or an established NGO, we ask that you consider purchasing a ticket at full cost. In doing so, you are helping Access Now support the attendance of activists and technologists who would otherwise not be able to attend.

Access Now is a not for profit, 501(c)(3) organization that relies upon the support, investment, and generosity of a variety of stakeholders in order to carry out its mission. This ticket policy helps ensure that we can continue in our fight to secure open and secure communications for all by allowing us to better represent the most at risk users around the world.

Access Now is committed to providing support to a small number of participants as we can to Brussels. However, this funding is very limited — so we’ve set up some criteria to guide us in making these decisions. Please refer to the following when applying for travel support funding. Once you meet these qualifications, fill out this form to apply.

Rule #1: You must submit a session proposal, or be named in a proposal, to apply for funding.

In order to be considered for funding, you have to have submitted a session proposal yourself, or be named in a submitted proposal that someone else has submitted as a participant. You are eligible to apply for funding if you’re listed by name in any proposal as a desired participant.

Rule #2: We will take into account need, region, gender identity, topic, and age when making decisions.

We’re committed to diversity of all types, and so we need to take into account things like gender balance, geographic representation, etc., when making our decisions. Our programming committee will take those issues into account when judging your session proposals too. So for funding, your chances are better if your proposal is representative of the diverse community we work with.

Rule #3: We will offer varying levels of support.

We’re asking that those who have institutional backing attempt to get independent funding. If you can finance your attendance with only partial support -- just accommodation, for example -- that may make it easier for us to fund you.

How does travel support get processed?

How does travel support get processed? Applications for travel support will begin to be reviewed once the call for proposals has closed. We will then evaluate applications and will be notifying potential recipients in early 2017.

The RightsCon Summit Series is brought to you by Access Now.

Access Now is an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to defending and extending the digital rights of users at risk around the world. By combining innovative policy, global advocacy, and direct technical support, we fight for open and secure communications for all.

We are a team of 40, with local staff in more than 10 locations around the world - Berlin, Brussels, Cordoba, Delhi, London, Manila, Nairobi, New York, San Jose, Tunis, and Washington DC. We maintain four legally incorporated entities - Belgium, Costa Rica, Tunisia, and the United States - with our tech, advocacy, policy, granting, and operations teams distributed across all regions.

Access Now Europe
Access Now is pleased to operate a legally incorporated entity in the city of Brussels, where we are a leading civil society voice that advocates for policies which defend and extend the digital rights of users. Our Brussels team focuses on a broad range of issues at the EU-level, including privacy and data protection, surveillance and national security, privatized enforcement, corporate social responsibility and network neutrality.

You can subscribe to the 'RightsCon Rundown' for email updates on the eventhere!

RightsCon is a special event that brings together hundreds of people from across the globe to discuss the future of the open internet. Many of the topics are complex and contested. Here are a couple of underlying principles that help to ensure that the conversation and experience at RightsCon is respectful, honest, and open:

  • We strive to make RightsCon a safe and respectful space where anyone, irrespective of nationality, gender, racial or ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, disability, age, or sexual orientation, has the right to be free from harassment;
  • RightsCon is a pluralist environment. Those who take part in sessions and other activities should act fairly, honestly, and in good faith with other participants. That means active listening (especially if you have the loudest voice), acting with integrity and respect even when you disagree, and facilitating transparency and openness as much as possible;
  • RightsCon has a zero-tolerance policy: harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment, will not be tolerated. Access Now reserves the right to revoke the attendance privileges of any offending individual or party;
  • Some participants may be put at risk back home if their identity or perspective is revealed. If you want to record or photograph someone, please ask for consent first.

Access Now’s Director of Human Resources, Nerida Brownlee will review and respond to any participant who is experiencing harassment or associated inappropriate behavior. Her role is to independently review matters with discretion and impartiality and to report to the Access Now management team on proposed courses of action.

Please email Access Now staff at[email protected]with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the duration of the event. Anonymous complaints can be reported to+1 (917) 445-5304.

This code of conduct applies equally to the RightsCon conference, RightsCon online community networking platform, and to all RightsCon-sponsored events including side events and parties.

For more information, please refer to theAccess Now Anti-Harassment policy

RightsCon is proudly brought to you by